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How Data-Driven Companies Bring More Value to Their Business

Four organizations share how they meet today’s business challenges and achieve success.

Big data has been one of the most disruptive forces businesses have seen in a long time. But when an organization is data driven and acts on analytic insights, it can turn the challenges into opportunities. These four videos demonstrate how leading companies are using data to uncover information they can leverage to deliver more value across their organizations.

McCain Foods Charts its Direction
As the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen french fries, McCain Foods is looking to align its big data strategy with its corporate strategy to grow the business. The Canada-based company, which has been in business since 1957, uses data for myriad purposes, including determining where it stands in the marketplace compared to competitors, other retailers and other manufacturers.

“We drive the business based on the information, which is data. We drive on a daily basis, whether it’s sales guys or the operators in the plant floor. They can look at what actions they do, which really impacts the company’s KPIs [key performance indicators] and their KPIs as well.”

— Soma Muruganandam, McCain Foods

NCR Provides Insights to Customers
NCR, which started life as a cash register company, now provides services, software and hardware to make everyday financial transactions easier. By taking advantage of more than 495 million transactions every day, NCR can provide its customers with the insights the companies need to become more successful so they, in turn, can better serve their customers. For example, NCR can prove which tools and techniques a bank can use within an individual branch to maximize profits.

“We’re data driven for our customers to be able to deliver the best service we can to them, and to be able to quantify how the products and services that we provide give them the best capability to service their customers.”

— Brian Valeyko, senior director of enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence and big data analytics for NCR

American Cancer Society Focuses on a Cure
With millions of supporters worldwide, the American Cancer Society helps people get and stay well in addition to finding cures and fighting back against cancer. For more than 100 years, it has been working to save lives and create a world with less cancer. The American Cancer Society uses data to understand how to find, engage and retain volunteers as well as demonstrate how donation money is being used. Data is also employed to match volunteers with patients who may need assistance, like a ride to a treatment center.

“We use data all the time and our mission is literally to fight cancer. We have to be very careful about the use of donor dollars in our industry. We have so many mission programs that we produce, so it’s our goal…to drive as much donor dollars to [the] mission as we can in order to make that as efficient as possible and reduce overhead.”

— Blake Sanders, vice president of architecture and data management for the American Cancer Society

Far EasTone Telecommunications Enhances Competitive Capabilities
Far EasTone Telecommunications is a Taiwan-based company that provides telecommunications and digital application services. Since its inception in 1997, it has introduced new products and services utilizing access technologies, including 4G and Wi-Fi. The company uses data to identify customers likely to drop their service as well as those who are likely to take advantage of cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. The data also helps the business understand which type of application or solution a customer is looking to buy.

“The data will tell you which areas you already have a good penetration in, which area, which life stage, or which kind of...people can bring you much more monetization capability or opportunity. That is very, very important for us to leverage with the data to enhance our competitive capability in this market.”

— Magdalina Lin, CIO IT head for Far EasTone Telecommunications

Any Business Can Benefit

What sets these businesses apart is their use of fact-based decision making at all levels of the organization. Like these companies, by knowing more about your business and your marketplace, you too can identify opportunities to achieve your goals and grow your business.

Brett Martin is the editor-in-chief for Teradata Magazine.

Carly Schramm is the assistant editor for Teradata Magazine.

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