7-Eleven: Developing Loyalty Through Data-Driven Marketing to be the #1 Neighborhood Convenience Store

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“We didn’t want it to be just a transactional relationship where you have X number of things that you know you need to buy and you get X reward. We wanted this to be very different in terms of we wanted it to be a guest experience—a digital guest experience.”

—Robert McClarin
Senior product manager of CRM and loyalty,


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7-Eleven: Be the Best in the Business

The convenience retail provider enhances customer loyalty and engagement with a mobile app.

Not only is 7-Eleven® the largest convenience retail provider in the world with about 53,000 locations in 16 countries, it’s also one of the largest independent gasoline retailers in the U.S. In 2013 alone, it generated about $84.5 billion in sales worldwide. The innovative company known for its Big Gulp and Slurpee drinks wanted to continue to be the best in the business. To do that, it needed to better understand its customers’ changing needs to offer them the products and services they want, when they want them.

7-Eleven, which sees more than 7 million transactions each day, created a mobile app with the aim to build “convenience on top of convenience” and solve problems for its customers with localized information and offers. For instance, if a customer needed propane or wanted to find the nearest store, he or she would have access to all of that information in the app. With customer permission, the company also uses real-time and location data to suggest coffee to customers on a cold morning or cold drinks and fresh fruit on a hot afternoon. On the heels of its successful data-driven loyalty program, the convenience retailer’s next initiative involves building awareness about the healthy choices available at its stores to continue developing relationships and conversations with its customers.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Industry: Retail
Founded: 1927

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