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“[The telecommunications industry] is a very active, competitive space. It’s really aggressive because we’ve got to face new challenges.”

Catherine Corrado
Bouygues Telecom


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Bouygues Telecom: Greater Efficiency, Lower Spend

Bouygues Telecom streamlined its workflow to stay competitive.

With data traffic rapidly growing and data revenue lagging behind, prominent industry analysts are predicting that in a few years, communication service providers will struggle to remain profitable. This is putting a great deal of pressure on the industry to invest in an infrastructure to meet increasing demand and capitalize on mobile trends.

In order to compete with lower-cost competitors and still turn a profit in this data-rich industry, French telecom provider Bouygues Telecom streamlined its workflow and marketing operations to improve efficiency and lower spend. The organization also wanted to increase its level of production while maintaining the same budget and skilled staff. After tearing down data silos, the company was able to run corresponding tasks simultaneously, becoming more agile in the process. As a result, Bouygues Telecom was able to save €1.5 million in the first year and streamline processes that decreased task run times from 17 days down to one.

Bouygues Telecom

Headquarters: Paris, France
Industry: Telecommunications
Founded: 1994

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