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Teradata Consulting Services deliver support and solutions to handle challenges posed by big, diverse data.

By now, almost everyone knows the importance of big, diverse data. Nevertheless, businesses still struggle to understand how to store and manage data as volumes grow. Much is still unclear, including how to:

  • Integrate all the data across the enterprise
  • Design systems to maximize every bit of information
  • Enable analytics on any data type
  • Unlock the value from diverse data volumes
  • Leverage value from different technologies for storage, query and exploration purposes

To overcome these challenges, businesses should seek trusted experts who can help them leverage the full value of their data. Teradata® Consulting Services can provide that expertise along with the recommended solutions.

Solutions for Today’s Problems

Support and expertise from Teradata® Consulting Services equip organizations to meet the challenges they face when dealing with large volumes of data. Teradata’s latest services allow companies to:

  • Acquire and integrate all data. A unified architecture supported by unique products and services handles all types of data.
  • Architect systems. The Unified Data Architecture™ brings together the Teradata Database, Teradata Aster and Hadoop to leverage any data.
  • Perform analytics on all data. Teradata products and services provide a common analytic platform for businesses.
  • Uncover business value from big, diverse data volumes. Teradata consultants use their skills and industry knowledge to identify value in data.
  • Benefit from different technologies. Teradata integrates technologies to enable organizations to do more with their data.

Mine Value from All Data

Teradata Consulting Services support the Teradata, Teradata Aster and Apache™ Hadoop® environments that provide the foundation for the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™. The consultants help organizations of all sizes build an architecture that allows for analysis on any and all data. Service consultants have the ability to:

  • Identify and advise on business-driven data opportunities and provide best practice recommendations based on hundreds of global implementations in all major industries. Industry experts help set the vision for the business, prioritize opportunities and leverage best practices.

  • Architect and implement an analytic, data warehouse, business intelligence (BI), Hadoop or data exploration environment using the Teradata Analytic Architecture approach. Consultants design the optimum analytic solution that integrates and exploits information from all sources and stages data in ways that facilitate
    business-user access.

  • Optimize and manage solutions to improve the overall performance, quality and yield of the data and analytic ecosystem. The services help manage, tune, enhance and maintain the analytic environment, whether it’s on-site, hosted in the cloud by Teradata or out-sourced to Teradata.

Support for All Things Hadoop

Hadoop offers a specialized solution to a pressing business problem: the need to ingest, store and analyze vast amounts of semi-structured and unstructured data in a fast, efficient, cost-effective and reliable manner. Teradata now provides the industry’s most comprehensive Hadoop product and service offering.

The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop features flexible options for deployment and management, making it easier than ever to integrate the solution into modern enterprise data architectures. The portfolio includes complete solutions and training capabilities:

  • Analytics services across the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™
  • Data integration optimization
  • Deployment, mentoring and training on Hadoop
  • Hadoop Managed Services, including operations and administration 
  • Teradata customer support, backed by Hortonworks, which develops and supports Hadoop

Several expanded offerings from Teradata Consulting Services assist companies with their Hadoop environments. These new services help design, build and maintain an optimal approach to a unified architecture:

  • Teradata Big Analytics Services assess data value and cost of capture, identify the source of “exhaust” data, refine and enrich the information, and implement initial analytics in the Teradata Aster environment or best-fit tool.

  • Teradata Platform Enablement for Hadoop Services include Hadoop system instantiation to establish the Hadoop environment. Installation guidance and mentoring for the Hadoop platform, and services to operationalize and harden the environment, are also offered.

  • Teradata Data Staging for Hadoop Services load data into a landing or staging area. This includes setting up a data exploration and refining area, scoping the needed architecture for the required analytics, creating the Hadoop repository and loading sample data sets.

  • Teradata Data Integration Optimization Services assess structured, multi-structured and non-structured data. These services also evaluate and rate data loading techniques and benefits, optimize load scripts and data load processes, and make best platform recommendations.

Enable Business Benefits

Teradata Consulting Services support data and analytic environments, including Hadoop, to help organizations leverage all of their information regardless of type or source. The services provide a single point of contact for all needed hardware and software while also helping businesses grow, gain a competitive edge and improve decision making by gaining the maximum value from data.

David R. Schiller, CCP, has more than 30 years of various IT experience as a practitioner, consultant and executive. He currently manages Teradata Professional Services marketing programs including Analytic Architecture Services.

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