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Build Better Campaigns

Aprimo Relationship Manager leverages analytical and computing power for a complete marketing solution.

For years, customer relationship management (CRM) tools and best practices have been touted as solutions that deliver the right marketing information to the right customer at the right time through the right channels. While CRM has delivered on that promise by providing actionable insights where none previously existed, users have discovered that traditional methods still stop short of being a complete marketing solution.

Companies can certainly segment target audiences and deliver highly personalized campaigns, but thanks to a flood of new data sources and increasing data regulation and privacy concerns, they’re falling behind in understanding and influencing customer behavior. In response, thought leaders are now developing a so-called “corporate memory” of customer behavior that draws on highly detailed data from a wide range of sources, including social media. That data is then analyzed to uncover incredibly accurate insights, such as a preferred communication channel or typical online behavior, for even better campaigns.

Feel the Power

Aprimo Relationship Manager is unique in the CRM space because it goes beyond simple customer data to incorporate analytical insights that span the breadth of past, current and future interactions across all channels. It accomplishes this by leveraging a combination of three powerful tools:

  • The Teradata Aster big data analytics platform gathers and analyzes structured and unstructured data to reveal insights about customers. The platform is especially useful for navigating digital sources to uncover everything from browsing patterns to customer influence in social media. It also analyzes which campaigns customers respond to and what triggers them to turn from browsers into buyers.
  • Teradata Database, as part of an integrated data warehouse, stores the information uncovered by the Teradata Aster platform and acts as the cornerstone of the Aprimo Relationship Manager solution. Its powerful, scalable engine enables processes for packaging and reporting the detailed, historical data and resulting insights for further use.
  • Aprimo Relationship Manager pulls the detailed customer information from the database to create customized, targeted and effective campaigns. The key component of the Aprimo integrated marketing management offering, it delivers truly unique campaigns by using customer insights and preferences that are only available via the Teradata Aster platform and Teradata Database.

A Day in the Life of a Campaign

The customer relationship process isn’t linear. It’s a continuous cycle in which campaigns create data, data drives insights, and insights inform future campaigns. Aprimo Relationship Manager helps organizations develop, execute, measure and refine marketing initiatives based on in-depth analysis of past and present customer behavior. A series of user-friendly yet powerful modules simplify building a campaign with this solution. The process follows these steps:

  1. Set the objective. Strengthen the brand by initiating dialogs with customers who are vocal about the company, positively or negatively, in social networks. Gain detailed insights on customers’ behavior based on what they are saying on Twitter, blogs and other forums.
  2. Determine strategy. Offer public resolution, incentives, or referral or discount offers to customers based on their actions and comments in social networks. Segment which individuals will receive specific offers or responses. (See figure 1, above.)
  3. Conduct analysis. Use the Teradata Aster platform to analyze and score customers based on behavior, and populate that data in the Teradata Database. Then turn to the Aprimo Relationship Manager Actionable Analytics module, which offers a simple interface that gives non-technical users access to sophisticated data on campaigns and customers. Employ the module’s predefined analyses to enter various parameters, such as preferred segment, product, customer or campaign.
  4. Access Analysis. Use the Campaign Management module to select the best attributes across all sources to find which customers best fit campaign criteria. The module’s Communication feature delivers personalized messages through any channel with precision. (See figure 2.)
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    Design and execute customized marketing messages based on solid analysis with the Campaign Management module that lets organizations quickly transition from precise analyses to full-blown campaigns. One of the module’s key components, called Selection, offers sophisticated, ad-hoc targeting of customers based on information in the Teradata Database or from third-party sources. (See figure 3, below.)

    In addition, marketers can use the module to incorporate external lists into the analysis, segmentation and communication-building process. They can personalize the content for campaigns, while business rules and conditional logic can be added to ensure that all messaging is consistently relevant to the recipient, regardless of channel.

  5. Refine segmentation. Eliminate duplicates, unidentified customers and those who have opted out of digital marketing. This prevents organizations from overwhelming customers with the same offers or sending communications through the wrong channels.
  6. Determine delivery channel. Split segments based on customers’ channel behavior and desired offer visibility. Then create new segments from insights that have been gathered to target high-value customers with the best offers.
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    Connect the analytic environment to the channel environments used for customer interactions with the Interaction Management module. This allows traditional and emerging channels—Web, email, mobile and more—to become an integrated part of the comprehensive marketing solution. The module improves inbound marketing by drawing from real-time customer transaction and profile data to feed an in-line engine for “best offer” calculations and lead execution.

  7. Execute campaign. Use the Offer Management module to optimize the value of every customer interaction by presenting a tailored offer or message at exactly the right time. This enables marketers to quickly react to customer activity and add value to every interaction. Marketers can also use the module to automatically match actual behavior with high-propensity offers or important messages.

    The Contact Optimization module goes to work after customers have been identified, dialogs have been created and connections have been integrated to ensure that messages move through the proper channel at the right time, without overload or overlap. Use the module as an automated gatekeeper to prioritize or limit customer contacts based on specific needs and preferences to achieve increased campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

  8. Measure results. Capture clickstream, call center, website and other response data to determine campaign effectiveness. Leverage this information to execute future marketing efforts.
  9. Refine campaign. Use the resulting analysis to refine offers, selection criteria, channel delivery, etc., and enhance campaign effectiveness. Get an overall framework for improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the entire marketing process, including planning, budgeting, reporting and workflow, by using the Marketing Resource Management module.
  10. Repeat steps. The results and insights gained from this campaign can be used to improve the next marketing initiative. Start the building process all over again.

Deliver Results

Aprimo Relationship Manager, along with the Teradata Aster platform and the Teradata Database, enables an organization to develop and leverage a detailed, holistic view of each of its customers. It automatically connects to an operational application that gives marketers an extremely high level of control over campaign design and execution. Plus, its scalable, customizable, modular approach ensures that customer communications are—and will remain— significant, relevant and timely.

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