Navdeep Alam, Director of Data Architecture, Mzinga, Inc.



Looking Forward

Proving that real-time social intelligence can drive insights is a top goal for Mzinga’s director of data architecture.

If you hadn’t pursued your current career path, what might you be instead?

Either a professional hockey player or a freelance tour guide so I could travel to interesting sites around the world.

What’s the latest thing you’ve checked off your bucket list?

Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. It was actually my first time scuba diving and it was an amazing experience.

What is your top goal for the next year?

Professionally, I want to prove that real-time social intelligence is relevant and can make a substantive difference in how organizations make decisions, and that real-time analytics using a diverse set of data can help derive untapped insights.

Navdeep Alam

Title: Director of Data Architecture

Company: Mzinga, Inc., headquartered in Waltham, Mass.

Background: Navdeep brings more than 12 years of experience in software engineering, architecture and development to his role at Mzinga. He is responsible for architecting and developing the business and social intelligence and the data mining and analytics that accompany Mzinga OmniSocial, a social software platform.

What’s the biggest surprise your Teradata Aster Analytics Platform has ever revealed?

With one of our customers, I determined that the most influential and connected people in pet owner com­munities were those who have dogs versus those who have cats, for example. I thought that was interesting because my fiancee is a vet and I like to tell her how much more interesting dogs are to people than cats.

Word Association

Book: “The Hobbit”

Movie: “Inception”

Music: Prodigy

Data warehousing: Evolving

Analytics: Real-time

Fun: Sun and the beach

Big data: Becoming mainstream

Innovation: Social intelligence

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