Expanded capabilities in Teradata Managed Services provide complete data warehouse management.



Tie a Stronger Partnership

Expanded capabilities in Teradata Managed Services provide complete data warehouse management.

Management expert and best-selling author James Champy points out, “In most indus­tries, suppliers aren’t partners, but merely distant parties to negotiate with for the best price.” Yet when IT executives outsource, they want the supplier to behave like a partner. In short, they expect the vendor to strive to understand exhaustive details of the organization, seek across-the-board improvements in IT management, antici­pate needs, communicate issues and resolve them quickly, and deliver quality above and beyond contracted service levels.

Experienced Support Teams

Companies outsource some or all of their data warehouse operations and applica­tion development for myriad reasons. Sometimes they utilize a provider for managing their data warehouse environ­ment to optimize productivity and access advanced technology skills. Other times it is to avoid activities like recruiting, hiring, training and staffing needs—placing these challenging human resource requirements on the outsourcer.

In addition, a thriving data warehouse doesn’t stand still: New data sources are con­stantly being added; extract, transform and load (ETL) scripts are updated frequently; and new reports are created. Furthermore, a multitude of circumstances are making 24x7, 365-day-a-year access imperative.

Benefits of Teradata Managed Services:

  • Reduced total operating costs
  • Improved productivity, quality and efficiency
  • Ensured service management goals
  • Specialized expertise
  • Organizational focus

Teradata understands the complexity of a modern data warehouse environment, both in operations and sustainment—and delivers. As an integrated service partner providing life cycle support for all aspects of a data warehouse—data integration, database administration, analytics—Tera­data Managed Services helps organizations address their daily challenges.

For years, Teradata has provided Managed Services for customers across the globe, helping them run day-to-day operations for development, test, quality assurance and production data ware­house environments. Now, in response to customer demand, clients can acquire fully integrated and bundled Managed Services contracts that may include lifecycle applica­tion development and sustainment, and expert data warehousing skills.

These contracts can include access to resources such as developers, database administrators (DBAs), application support consultants, solution architects and data modelers. This enables customers to draw upon a core team for ETL, business intel­ligence (BI) and application development to support new lifecycle projects or perform enhancements to the data warehouse. This team can be further supplemented with additional “flex” resources to meet seasonal operational demands and/or bursts of development work.

Airline Soars

One of the world’s largest air­lines chose Teradata Managed Services to supply Teradata-trained and experienced resources for data warehouse production and operations support. As the airline’s trust grew, it contracted for an additional 15 resources to support application lifecycle projects.

Now, with a fully integrated Managed Services agreement covering operations and development, the airline can assign personnel to higher-value-added projects. That’s because the company knows it has a pool of qualified resources to handle project and production support work.

As the airline enjoys this addi­tional support, it is able to prioritize new projects and adapt quickly to changing business needs by using its existing teams to conceptualize and commission new projects while Teradata teams add support with design and implementation. The team further takes advantage of a “job jar” for prioritized IT short-term projects. This means that the airline can now use any excess capacity between as­signments to complete short duration projects such as prioritized application defects, interface enhancements or data management activities that ulti­mately help the IT department address immediate needs.


Service Managers as Partners

Along with support teams, a critical component of the Managed Services relation­ship is the service manager. This is a part-time or full-time role responsible for resources, governance, oversight, commu­nication, reporting and managing issues and escalations. The service manager is a key enabler of transitioning the outsourc­ing relationship from supplier to partner.

The goal of the service manager is to enable, operate and manage daily deliver­ables and ensure service quality. Activities may consist of:

  • Onboarding new associates
  • Managing daily operations and resources
  • Facilitating and escalating incidents
  • Tracking service level agreements and exceptions
  • Forecasting personnel demand

Teradata service managers establish an intimate relationship with customers by providing expertise, management and in-depth advice on data warehouse roadmaps and data challenges. The service manager lives and breathes daily data warehouse operations and projects, with a pulse on the customer’s dynamic business needs and advocacy within Teradata. It’s his or her job to help manage the outsourcing relation­ship by delivering service quality every day.

Specialized Tools

As a data warehousing partner, Teradata has a vested interest in its customers’ success and continuously strives to find opportunities for higher productivity, service improvements and operational risk reduction. Since service quality is important, Teradata invests in specialized tools and automation for Managed Services delivery. These tools increase the productiv­ity of Managed Services consultants, pro­vide proactive data warehouse monitoring, and improve the stability and availability of the data warehouse environment.

For example, data warehouse monitoring and reporting portlets have been designed exclusively for Managed Services customers using Teradata Viewpoint. These portlets provide query statistics, resource utilization and more. Teradata consultants also lever­age a suite of automated DBA tools that can assist with backup, archive and restore (BAR) monitoring, multi-value compression and application tuning. These tools help effectively manage the most complex data warehouse environment and optimize performance, ensuring value and enhanced service quality.

Delivering Value Across the Enterprise

In a true partnership, both parties bring time and talent to the table. Each party has a stake in the relationship and is willing to contrib­ute effort toward a successful outcome. With Teradata Managed Services, the continual investment in people and specialized tools, in addition to a laser focus on processes such as service management, deliver value. They make the difference between simply provid­ing a service and becoming a trusted and valuable data warehousing partner.

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