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Safe Software and Teradata work in tandem for easy geospatial data analysis.

An underwriter at a large insurance company wants to determine the likelihood that a particular piece of land is in a zone prone to floods, earthquakes or other hazards. To clearly understand the risk before writing a policy for a client who is planning to build there, she will need to analyze the data her company has in 15 different applications and systems that capture some kind of geospatial data in multiple formats, such as weather statistics, historical floodplain information, client addresses and maps.

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For more than 15 years, Safe Software has specialized in overcoming spatial data interoperability challenges. The choice of leading geographic information system vendors for integration into their own solutions, Safe Software, headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, enables thousands of customers worldwide to break the barriers to spatial data access.


Safe Software powers the flow of spatial data with its software platform, FME. The recognized standard in spatial extract, transform and load, FME is the only complete solution for data conversion. Designed for true data interoperability, FME enables people to use spatial data where, when and how they choose.


FME provides a flexible tool for organizations to bring their geospatial and non-spatial data together into a central location within the Teradata Database and access it for use in spatially enabled applications.


Organizations can efficiently combine their geospatial data with the business intelligence (BI) in their Teradata system for an integrated view, helping fuel better, informed business decisions based on a complete, integrated view of all of their data.

If the company had specialized software that could extract and transform geospatial information from all of its systems into a common data model and load it into the enterprise data warehouse (EDW), the underwriter could quickly and easily analyze and derive location intelligence directly in the EDW and deliver the results to a visualization tool such as Google Earth. An accurate decision about the land’s potential could be made in a relatively short time.

The company could reduce overall risk exposure, raise its bottom line and help boost stockholder confidence. The time saved would also afford the insurance underwriter the opportunity to complete analytical tasks or perform job duties that would not have been possible otherwise.

Location intelligence


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Geospatial analysis captures the exact coordinates of a location using precise latitude and longitude data. Once thought to be applicable only to specific industries, such as oil and gas or transportation, the use of geospatial data has intensified. Cell phones and cars often have embedded GPS devices, and Web navigation sites such as Google Earth let users visually home in on virtually any location on the planet.

Furthermore, it’s estimated that up to 80% of data in the EDW has some kind of location reference. With the right tools, this information can allow companies to tap a rich vein of strategic intelligence.

Solution components

The partnership between Safe Software and Teradata combines the strengths of the leader in geospatial extract, transform and load (ETL) tools with those of the leader in data warehousing to create an environment applicable to any industry wanting to improve its business intelligence (BI) capabilities through location-related data.

The joint solution enables organizations to centralize their geospatial data in the Teradata Database for easy access, integration and analysis. Components of the solution include:

  • Safe Software’s FME® application. This spatial ETL application enables organizations to quickly centralize and access their geospatial data. Optimized to work with the Teradata system, FME enables the fast transfer of geospatial data into the Teradata Database, as well as easy access to this centralized data within geographic information system (GIS) applications. The software is available in a desktop version, which provides a stand-alone authoring environment for smaller volumes of data, and a server version, which offers access to larger volumes of data in a distributed environment or over the Internet.
  • Teradata Database. Geospatial capabilities accept and transform native geospatial data types for in-database analytic functions. Teradata provides a robust analytic foundation by combining and storing strategic and operational data with geocoded and spatial reference data inside the EDW.
  • Reap the rewards

    Geospatial data specialists can use the solution to extract information from disparate sources originating in hundreds of file and database formats, transform that information into a common data model, optimize its quality and load it into the Teradata Database. There, the data can offer company leaders a more complete picture of their business operations through spatial information analysis.

    FME makes it simple to extract information from the Teradata Database for use in spatially enabled applications regardless of the target system and schema. The solution also offers read-access to the Teradata Database within popular GIS applications such as ESRI ArcGIS, Intergraph GeoMedia, Autodesk Map 3D and MapInfo Professional.

    The ability to perform robust geospatial information analysis:

  • Adds a geospatial dimension to dataanalysis for broader, more accurate results
  • Better informs business strategies, operational tasks and risk analyses with more reliable BI
  • Lowers operating costs through increased productivity and greater efficiency
  • Reduces overall risk
  • Analyzing geospatial data in an EDW environment can make an enormous difference to organizations, not only in insurance but also communications, banking, government and other industries. Providing state-of-the-art access to this previously unavailable data, the Safe Software and Teradata solution offers companies a strategic advantage against their competition.

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